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  • What’s special about trekking in Nepal?

    Unless you have been in the Himalayas it is difficult to comprehend the wonders they hold and the challenges they pose. After more than 30 years of trekking experience, leading treks through the Himalayas and working with guides and leaders throughout Nepal and Tibet we can say, assuredly, the Himalayas hold special experiences for every traveler.

  • How safe is trekking?

    Probably safer than any kind of vehicle travel or travel in urban areas. You are getting away from the dangers of modern society and entering a world where people watch out for each other and maintain a vigilance for the well-being of their neighbors. Your cook will oversee careful, healthful food preparation. Your guide will be asking continuously about the trail ahead and the health of all the trek participants. Our treks do not follow trails or pass through areas which are dangerous. You will seldom, if ever, have to wade streams or navigate difficult foot paths.

  • Do I need to trek to enjoy the Himalayas?

    Many areas are accessible by air and surface vehicles. You can view the mountains from road accessed lodges and by air. Many wonderful aspects of Himalayan cultures will come to you if you visit the cities, temples and markets, but to have a deeper understanding of traditional cultures and the rhythms of village life you need to trek. Trekking is as much about adjusting your own attitudes and behaviors to a simpler life as it is about observing the lives of others. If you are fit enough and have the time to do so, you should trek really to enjoy the wonders of the Himalayas.

  • What is the best time of year to trek?

    You can find good places to trek somewhere in the Himalayas at anytime of year. Nepal has the clearest weather from October to May. December and January are cold at higher elevations. The summer months are mild, but some areas receive monsoon rains from July to September.

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