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1 Days
Panauti - Balthali

Panauti is a historical city of Nepal. Panauti nestles 36 km south east from Kathmandu valley with the Newari inhabitants. Panauti is also an important pilgrimage place for the Hindus. In every 12 years a big festival is observed at the confluence of three rivers in Panauti where people take a holy bath. Historically Panauti has been one of the important part of the Malla Kings. There are few hiking routes passing through the beautiful small villages and paddy fields from Panauti like Namobuddha and Balthali. If you walk 2 hours from Panauti you will see a beautiful village of Balthali. A hiking to the village of Balthali and old city Panauti can be a short day trip near the Kathmandu.

Itinerary Overview

  • Pick-up at your hotel at 8 in the morning
  • Drive to Panauti 1 hour
  • Panauti visit 1 hour
  • Hiking to Balthali 2 hours
  • Lunch at Balthali and rest 2 hour
  • Walk down through the village of Balthali, Shalmitar for 2 hours
  • Meet your car and drive back to the Hotel

Early morning meet up at the hotel with our cultural Guide. You will drive to Panauti for an hour. Get down at Panauti and walk to the temple of Indreshwor Mahadev dates  back to thirteenth century and has been in it’s original form till date.

Panauti is an important place from the religious aspect for the hindus. It is one of the holy place which observes big event in every twelve years. In the northern part of the Panauti where we can see two rivers Roshi and Panauti have their confluence is regarded as the holy place for taking  sacred bath in every 12 years. It is said that a third river comes from the temple across the river Punyamati which is hidden and makes the confluence of three rivers which is very auspicious for the hindus. The place is regarded as the Uttar Prayag or the pilgrimage of the north.

After catching the cultural insight and passing through the streets of the Panauti you can have a glimpse of the traditional lifestyle of the local inhabitants. As you walk to the east road of the Panauti it brings you out of the old town to an open green fields of Khopasi which are very well cultivated all the year round with crops like rice, potatoes making a beautiful place to move around.

From Khopasi you can do a short hike to Balthali for about  1.5 hours passing through an off road paths through villages and beautiful scenarios. You can reach Balthali before lunch and walk to a resort on a beautiful hill top and enjoy your lunch there with beautiful views of the village and some mountains

Price: 50 Euros per person  in a group of 2

Services included

  • Car pick-up and drop to the hotel
  • Cultural guide for a day
  • Lunch at the Resort
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