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8 reasons to travel Nepal (after COVID-19)

If there is something that many of us want to do again after COVID-19, is traveling. Among the misfortune that this pandemic has caused all over the world, one of the positive aspects to be drawn from it, is that has made us value, even more, those things that make us enjoy the life, and […]

Annapurna Ultimate Trek

Myself Bishal, love making new memories traveling around many places, mostly the beautiful high mountains. Every year I go for travel in many places and so last year I did Annapurna Ultimate Trek. We were a group of 24 where half was foreigner and remaining Nepali. I did several treks before but I found this […]

Bhutan, where Happiness is the way

Hi! I am Daniel. Happy to share my views and unforgettable moments of Bhutan trip. If Bhutan has been known throughout the world for something, it´s by their decision to put the collective happiness of its population before the economic wealth through the Gross National Happiness. It is surprising that when the effects of climate […]