If there is something that many of us want to do again after COVID-19, is traveling. Among the misfortune that this pandemic has caused all over the world, one of the positive aspects to be drawn from it, is that has made us value, even more, those things that make us enjoy the life, and no doubt, one of them is traveling, because traveling is living.

Traveling is not just about discovering new cultures and countries, exploring remote places, or running away from routine. Traveling involves creating memories that will remain in our memory for life, meeting people that otherwise would not have. We demonstrate those limiting beliefs that prevented us from embarking on an adventure are nothing more than a reason to overcome them and find ourselves.

One destination that does not make anyone feel indifferent is Nepal. Most of the visitors repeat as once is not enough. Nepal is not only about mountains but also about the charm and hospitality of its people.

To demonstrate that Nepal is much more than the country of Mt. Everest, the cradle of Buddhism or the home of the Sherpas, here you can find 8 reasons to travel to Nepal if you have not done before:

  • A country caught in time: Despite globalization and mass tourism, Nepal has kept its culture and tradition intact over time. The concept of time diluted to make way to day by day, without minding about tomorrow, just living the moment and let it go. Not only in Kathmandu, but it is also possible to visit temples, monasteries, and palaces that survived centuries and earthquakes. Areas such as Gorkha, Mustang, or Lumbini are just one example of it.
  • More than mountains: Despite being a paradise for trekking lovers, Nepal offers many more opportunities to complete a unique trip. Bike trip to the lost kingdom, Mustang, yoga and meditation retreat on the shores of Begnas Lake, rafting in BhoteKoshiriver, exploring culture and history of Kathmandu Valley along with developing your photographic skills with expert guides are some remarkable experiences gained with travel in Nepal. 
  • People: No matter the language barrier or moving away from tourist areas. If there is something that characterizes the Nepalese wherever you go, it´s their hospitality and kindness with those who visit the country. During the trip, it´s not strange to make friends that will last over time during or to be able to meet stories of local people while sharing a cup of tea. Despite many cultural differences that can exist between your home and Nepal, Nepalese will make you always feel at home.

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  • Gateway of Himalayas: Nepal, in addition to offering countless options, is a great destination to combine with the other great kingdoms of Himalayas, Tibet, and Bhutan. Between the three countries, there are lots of contrasts and similarities. Begin with the chaos of Nepal to the spirituality of Tibet and the happiness of the inhabitants of Bhutan. The Potala Palace, the Tiger´s Nest, or the Boudhanath Stupa are well worth a trip through the Himalayan kingdoms.

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  • Authenticity: With more than 120 ethnic groups and two religions, Nepal is a mosaic of unique traditions throughout the country. Tharu in the south, the Newari in the Kathmandu Valley, or the Tamang in the mountains, each group has different dialects, traditions, and festivals that have maintained from generation to generation. If you have a chance, try to match your trip with any of the great festivals that take place during the year, like BisketJatra, Holi, Dashain or Tihar.

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  • Still to discover: Most of tourism in Nepal takes place in the surroundings of Kathmandu, Chitwan, Annapurnas, and Everest, leaving aside regions that have a lot to offer to the traveler. Although many times this is due to the difficulty and long distances that these journeys involve, it worth it for those more adventurous. The mysterious and hidden Dolpo, the beauty of Rara Lake, the wild Bardiya National Park, or the off-beaten Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek are just some examples of routes that can be challenging and awesome at the same time. 
  • Spirituality: Not many destinations in the world have the magnetism of Nepal. Himalayas, Buddhism, yoga, and meditation are a perfect combination, making it the right place for those seeking a break in their lives, reconnecting and finding their inner peace. Whether taking a retreat in a specialized center or spending a couple of nights in a Buddhist monastery, you can start in the world of personal well-being.
  • Support the local people: Unfortunately, the halt of tourism in Nepal has left many people without jobs and incomes. This situation has affected especially to guides and porters, whose job is seasonal, and their families live from the work of some months a year. Without them would not be possible to discover the great wonders of Nepal with the tranquility of being accompanied by professionals who are a fundamental part of a trip. The satisfaction is being able to help many families while enjoying an unforgettable journey in Nepal. 

Sooner or later, we will be able to travel again, and what a better way than visiting one destination that makes a trip a memorable life experience. If you have been convinced by these reasons to visit Nepal, do not hesitate to check our website: www.bluesheep.com.np,where local experts in your language are waiting to design your best adventure.

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